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The Great Seal (Mahāmudrā), by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé


The Great Seal (Mahāmudrā)

by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé

Translated from the Tibetan by Erick Tsiknopoulos



ÉMAHO! (How wondrous!)


The View is beyond subject-object fixation, leading to the royal citadel.


The Meditation is without distraction, the single-pointed Samādhi.


The Conduct is without effort, the state of equal pride.


The Fruition is actualization as a Dharma King, without hope and fear.


At the request of the Glorious Patient One (dpal-ldan bzod-pa), this was written by Śrī .

At the request of Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé, this was translated by Erick Tsiknopoulos on November 30th, 2016, in Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal.


  • subject-object fixation” (gzung-‘dzin): Or ‘dualistic grasping’.
  • the royal citadel” (rgyal-sa): A term for the level of Buddhahood.
  • Samādhi” (gting-nge-‘dzin): Meditative absorption or immersion. Diener, Erhard & Fischer-Schreiber: “samādhi is a non-dualistic state of consciousness in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object.”
  • equal pride (mnyam-pa’i nga-rgyal): Or ‘the pride of equality’. Khenchen Lama Rinpoché describes this as “the pride of equal nature (or essential sameness), which does not waver from the state of the true nature of things [dharmatā]” (chos nyid kyi ngang ma shor ba la mnyam pa nyid kyi nga rgyal lo).




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Erick Tsiknopoulos (b. 1981) is an American translator of Tibetan, a scholar, researcher and postgraduate student in Buddhist Studies, a teacher and tutor of Tibetan language, a writer and editor, a voracious reader in various subjects, and an experienced world traveler. He is the founder and primary Tibetan translator of the Sugatagarbha Translation Group, and the creator of their main website,, which currently features English translations of over 400 Tibetan texts. Many of his translations have been published in various forms, including as books.

He has been a student of Buddhism since 1999, a student of Tibetan Buddhism since 2003, and a student of Tibetan language since 2005. He has been translating Tibetan texts into English since 2007, has been based in India and Nepal studying Tibetan language and Buddhism intensively and translating Tibetan texts since 2008, and has been working professionally as a Tibetan-English translator and interpreter since 2009.

He is available for contact via email at: and

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