Attention: Urgent Emergency Request for Financial Assistance

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I’ve fallen on hard times. Very hard times, since December of last year (2018), and especially since April.


I’d rather not get into all the details… but if you’d like to contact me personally about it, that would be fine.


The bottom line is that 1) I don’t have much work right now, translation or otherwise, and as of this writing, I haven’t had any work since April of this year, 2) I’m not getting any financial support from anyone in my family anymore, as of this past year (after many false and broken promises from them, misleading statements, and worse, which I’d rather not delve into publicly), and 3) I was not paid for my work, ripped off, scammed, maltreated, abused, lied to and otherwise the victim of illegal actions and violated contracts by no less than five (5!) clients in this past year, including my main job and largest project (which I’d been working on since 2012). There have been other things too… but these are the main points.


I don’t know why all this has happened, or why all these people have acted like this… especially since I have maintained professional integrity, personal honesty, clarity in my communications, and above all high quality in my work; but so it is. I’ve certainly learned a lot of brutally hard lessons about people (in a very short period of time). With that said, for the most part, I almost never had these kinds of problems, until this last year, in my 10+ years of working as a professional Tibetan-English translator. So it’s all been quite overwhelming.


On top of all that, I’ve also moved away from India permanently, and now reside in Europe; mostly due to some serious health problems and pressing safety concerns. This is largely because of the increasingly volatile social and political situation in South Asia (which you may have heard about in the news). One of the main downsides of this at present is that most of my personal belongings are sitting in storage in India; including almost all of my books, reference materials and Tibetan texts. It also means that my expenses are more than they usually are; and there’s not much I can realistically do about it. I’m also dealing with being forced to leave my home of over 10 years due to some horribly adverse circumstances; and all the stresses of relocating to another continent.


All in all, my situation is a bit intense, and indeed dangerous… and I could really use some help right now.


It’s worth mentioning that I have been rather generous in offering most – the vast majority – of my translations for free on my website for over 11 years now, since 2008; and have always seen my work as a service to the greater Buddhist community. I have provided several hundred Dharma translations to the public for free, out of good will and faith. Despite this, over the last few years, I have not been getting many donations for all of my freely offered translations.


Any donations offered would be greatly appreciated, and extremely useful.


Paypal is easiest for me, and the email addresses for that are and


You can also make a donation directly from this website, although it’s better to send it “For Friends and Family” so that it doesn’t take out Paypal’s fees.


Although Paypal is preferred, since that’s the only ATM bank card I have, other transfer methods are also possible, such as Western Union and MoneyGram, and also direct bank transfer. Please contact me for more details.


At the moment, any amount, no matter how small or large, is tremendously useful and beneficial to me; and accepted with deep gratitude and grateful remembrance.


Finally, if you know of any Tibetan-English translation work, or Tibetan language teaching work, which might be needed or available, please do let me know. I would rather be working; but until then, I must seek the kind assistance of my friends, supporters and the Buddhist sangha at large.


Sincerely in the Buddha Dharma, and with deep bows,

Erick Tsiknopoulos

August 10th, 2019


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