Special Announcement: The Publication of All Our Translations

One month ago (in late August 2019), we began the long-awaited process of publishing all the translations from Tibetan into English of Erick Tsiknopoulos and the Sugatagarbha Translation Group. 

All the translations of Erick Tsiknopoulos and the Sugatagarbha Translation Group which were previously posted on their official website are currently in the process of being published on Amazon.com, where they are available for purchase. 

They are no longer available for free viewing on this website.

You can see the Amazon Author Page of Erick Tsiknopoulos, which includes a listing of all his books available for purchase, at the following link: 


As of this writing, 161 translations of Tibetan texts have been published and are available for purchase on Amazon.com. After everything has been published, this number is expected to rise to over 315 individual texts; with many more to come in the near future. 

We also plan on producing several collections of translated texts in larger volumes, which will be organized by relevance, author and content; with some of them being released in special series.   

In addition, all the English translations of Tibetan texts which were never posted on the website, such as the several hundred pages of The Heart Essence of Yuthok (g.yu thog snying thig), as well as many others, will also be published soon.

Later, we will also be publishing all of these translations on other formats aside than Amazon.com.  

All the translations will first be published in electronic e-book format as Kindle editions. Soon they will also be published in hard copy printed editions as paperback books. Our goal is to have everything published in both formats by the end of 2019, and early 2020 at the latest.   

This marks a new stage in our translation endeavors, one which we hope will be beneficial for all. 

After over 11 years of offering most of our Tibetan-English Dharma translations for free on our website, the time finally came to move on to the next step, and publish our large body of work. 

We hope to receive your support for our ongoing Tibetan-English and Buddhist Dharma translation work, in particular by purchasing our published books. 

Sincerely in the Dharma, 

Erick Tsiknopoulos and the Team at the Sugatagarbha Translation Group 


Published by

Erick Tsiknopoulos

Erick Tsiknopoulos (b. 1981) is an American translator of Tibetan, a scholar, researcher and postgraduate student in Buddhist Studies, a teacher and tutor of Tibetan language, a writer and editor, a voracious reader in various subjects, and an experienced world traveler. He is the founder and primary Tibetan translator of the Sugatagarbha Translation Group, and the creator of their main website, Tibetan-Translations.com, which currently features English translations of over 400 Tibetan texts. Many of his translations have been published in various forms, including as books. He has been a student of Buddhism since 1999, a student of Tibetan Buddhism since 2003, and a student of Tibetan language since 2005. He has been translating Tibetan texts into English since 2007, has been based in India and Nepal studying Tibetan language and Buddhism intensively and translating Tibetan texts since 2008, and has been working professionally as a Tibetan-English translator and interpreter since 2009. He is available for contact via email at: EmptyElephant@yahoo.com and SugatagarbhaTranslations@gmail.com

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