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Translations of Buddhist and other Tibetan texts into English, Buddhist Studies essays, and other works by Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group. Currently featuring English translations of over 400 Tibetan texts.


SUZ speak or act with a pure mind & happiness will follow you ...  as your shadow, unshakable ...~buddha, dhammapada  Buddha

Tibetan Biographies and Histories 

  1. A Brief Biography of Nga’wang Yéshey T’ubten [Rabjampa Nga’wang Lobzang], by Minyak Gönpo 
  2. Melodious and Delightful Laughter: A Clearly Expressed Chronicle of the Sacred Site of Drakda Latso, The Life-Force Lake of Yéshey Ts’ogyël, by Këlzang Lhündrub
  3. Sunlight Blessings That Cure the Longing of Remembrance: A Biography of the Omniscient Khunu Mahāsattva, Tendzin Gyëlts’en [Khunu Lama Rinpoché], by Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoché


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