Tibetan-Translations.com: Tibetan-English Translations by Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group

Tibetan translations into English of Buddhist texts and other Tibetan texts, essays and writings on Buddhism by Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group. This website currently features English translations of over 400 Tibetan texts. Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group are available for commissioned Tibetan-English textual translation work for those seeking to have Tibetan texts translated. We also offer on-line real-time classes in Tibetan language and Tibetan-English translation for interested students.


Tibetan Poetry by (Nathanael.Archer), via Flickr

Tibetan Poetry and Verse

  1. How Joyous to Seek Method and Wisdom, by Kardzey Gyurmey Rab
  2. Letter Poem Sent to the Mahāsiddha T’angtong Gyëlpo Along with the Support of a Fifty Coral Rosary, by Shākya Ch’okden
  3. Song of Symbolic Dharmas Necessary for Meditation, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey
  4. Letter Sent to Lama Lhumgompa, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey

Japanese Translations and Poetry by Erick Tsiknopoulos

  1. Translations of Two Japanese Death Poems
  2. Haiku Composed in Japanese with English Translations
  3. More Haiku Composed in Japanese
  4. Becoming Bright: A Japanese Poem
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