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Tibetan translations into English of Buddhist texts and other Tibetan texts, essays and writings on Buddhism by Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group. This website currently features English translations of over 400 Tibetan texts. Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group are available for commissioned Tibetan-English textual translation work for those seeking to have Tibetan texts translated. We also offer on-line real-time classes in Tibetan language and Tibetan-English translation for interested students.


Ancient Tibetan Buddhist text  Found on heaveninawildflower.tumblr.com

Sūtras and Other Scriptures from the Tibetan Buddhist Canon 

  1. Ārya Maitreya’s King of Prayers
  2. Ekagāthā: The Single Stanza
  3. Gaṇapati’s Heart Dhāraṇī
  4. Manibhadra’s Dhāraṇī
  5. The Concise Medicine Buddha Sūtra
  6. The Sūtra of the Teaching on the Four Dharmas
  7. The Tibetan ‘Pravartana’ Version of the Mighty Turning of the Dharma Wheel Sūtra (chos kyi ‘khor lo rab tu bskor ba’i mdo)
  8. The Tibetan ‘Missing Translator’s Colophon’ Version of theDharma Wheel Sūtra (chos kyi ‘khor lo’i mdo ‘gyur byang med pa)
  9. The Incantation for Increasing and Protecting Wealth and Resources [Imbued with Golden Light, the Dhāraṇī of All Yakṣas]
  10. The One Hundred and Eight Names of the Exalted Jambhala
  11. Excerpts from Trainings in Awakening Mind Based on the Sūtras
  12. The Sūtra on the Three Trainings
  13. The Teaching on the Eleven Contemplations Sūtra
  14. The Three Kāyas Sūtra
  15. The Sun Sūtra
  16. The Mahā-Lakṣmī Sūtra
  17. The Heart Sūtra (Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya)
  18. The Heart Sūtra Averting Ritual
  19. The Bodhisattva’s Confession of Downfalls: The Exalted Three Heaps Sūtra
  20. One Syllable Prajñāpāramitā: The Far-Reaching Perfection of Deep Insight, Mother of All Suchness-Faring Ones, in a Single Syllable
  21. The Sūtra on Deep Wisdom at the Moment of Death
  22. The Sūtra on Perfectly Possessing Ethical Discipline (Śīlā Samyukta Sūtra)
  23. The Great Sūtra known as ‘The Transcendent Victory Banner’ (Dhvajā Grana Mahā-Sūtra)
  24. The Sūtras on Recollecting the Precious Triple Gem
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