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The Complete Sūtra of Golden Light Project

"El odio nunca se extingue por el odio en este mundo; solamente se apaga a través del amor. Tal es una antigua ley eterna". Buda. Dhammapada

Here is a list of the translations of The Complete Sūtra of Golden Light Project by Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group published on Buddha-Nature.com.

[The 29 and 31 Chapter Versions of the Tibetan Suvarṇaprabhāsa Sūtra]

Website: sutraofgoldenlight.net

From the 29 Chapter Version: 

  1. Chapter 1: The Preamble 
  2. Chapter 2: The Teaching on the Lifespan of the Tathāgata 
  3. Chapter 8: The Dhāraṇī Called ‘Golden’
  4. Chapter 9: Emptiness 
  5. Chapter 11: The Meticulous Observation of Gods and Humans By the Four Great Kings 
  6. Chapter 13: The Dhāraṇī of Non-Attachment 
  7. Chapter 14: The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Dhāraṇī
  8. Chapter 16: The Goddess Shrī 
  9. Chapter 17: Vast Increase in Wealth by the Great Goddess Shrī 
  10. Chapter 18: The Earth Goddess Dridha 
  11. Chapter 19: Samjñāya, the Lord of Yakshas 
  12. Chapter 21: Excellent Manifestation (not yet posted on sūtraofgoldenlight.net)
  13. Chapter 27: The Praise by All the Bodhisattvas 
  14. Chapter 28: The Praise to All Tathāgatas
  15. Ju Mipham Rinpoché on The Dhāraṇī Called ‘Golden’ from the Sūtra of Golden Light (extracted from las sna shogs kyi be’u bum)
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