King Songtsen Gampo, སྲོང་བཙན་སྒམ་པོ (569-649)

Erick Tsiknopoulos has been practicing Buddhism since 1999 and studying Tibetan language since 2004. He has been working as a Tibetan-English translator and Tibetan language teacher since 2008. (Photo: In Taiwan, October 2014)

Erick Tsiknopoulos offers top quality Tibetan-English services, online Tibetan language courses, and more.

Tibetan-English translation services

Erick Tsiknopoulos is available for commissioned translation work from Tibetan into English, as well as from English into Tibetan. He creates first-class, publishable and well-researched Tibetan-English translations. He is able to confidently translate all genres of Tibetan literature, and across all subjects of Buddhist practice and philosophy. View the full page for Tibetan-English translation services here.

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  • Feel free to contact Erick Tsiknopoulos through WhatsApp: +40 769 824 828

Online Tibetan language courses

Erick Tsiknopoulos offers a unique and effective online learning experience, for Tibetan language students of all levels. Classes are held live with the teacher, via video and/or audio call. Group courses are also available. View the full page for Tibetan language courses here.

  • To arrange a Tibetan language course, please email: or
  • Feel free to contact Erick Tsiknopoulos through WhatsApp: +40 769 824 828

Other services

  • English to Tibetan translation
  • Sanskrit-English translation
  • Pali-English translation
  • Japanese-English translation
  • Translation for tattoos
  • Transcription for Tibetan audio
  • Proofreading for Tibetan and English documents
  • Research for Tibetan and Buddhist related articles
  • Academic papers (including Master’s dissertation and PhD thesis) editing and review
  • Cultural consultation for travel to Tibet, India or Nepal

His level of aptitude in literary and classical Tibetan language is immense; and his spoken Tibetan language and powers of expression are excellent. In particular, he has trained and continues to train in a profound and deep research of the Buddhist teachings. He is a resourceful young man of strong intelligence; who holds an aspiration to spread and promulgate Buddhism in a far-reaching way. And he is someone who has vast future ambitions to accomplish great service for the Buddhist teachings in their entirety; due to the fact that he has the aim of helping to establish peace and happiness in the world.

– Lobzang Gyatso (Tibetan scholar and language teacher), in his recommendation letter for Erick Tsiknopoulos, 2013

Erick Tsiknopoulos in Greece, March 2018.